How to immediately train your body to go carnivore!


Choosing a carnivore diet, or any low carbohydrate diet is a great decision. The problem? It's just not that easy to start. If you are currently on a "bad" diet, a bad diet being high carbohydrate, processed foods, sodas, desserts, etc, going low carb is difficult on your body and extremely difficult on the mind. Like with any change you make in your life, there's that adjustment period, where body & mind must come together to make that initial change, a lifetime change.


Now, being a pretty die hard carnivore, I pretty much only eat meat, beef organs, butter and eggs. But before diving down that road, ready to get on the carnivore bus, it's important to ease your body into it. With a low carb diet, you can now eat all kinds of meat, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, Processed meats like sliced turkey and roast beef (But we don't want those meats as part of our diet once we make the low carb adjustment. I include them in here just as something you can pick on in between meals when you feel like you just can't get full) salads, olive oils, mayonnaise butter (REAL butter) bacon, green vegetables, black coffee or tea with no sugar and most cheeses. Sounds great, right!?

The Bad News?

Well, you cannot eat really anything else. That sugar in your coffee? Nope. Pasta, pizza, bread, potatoes, crackers? Nope. Ice cream, soda & desserts? Nope. If it has sugar in it, which mostly everything we eat out of a box or plastic bag does contain sugar, we just can't eat it. So, this makes the transition to your unhealthy carb heavy diet to low carb diet very difficult. But don't get discouraged, its very doable!

CT Carnivore

Meat, meat and more MEAT!

In the beginning, eat as much as you have to!

Let's not get too technical here, but your body craves sugar. And, if you have been drinking your sugar saturated coffees at Starbucks, eating those 1 or 2 donuts a co-worker brought to the office, and slamming down a couple of slices of pizza for lunch, going "keto", "low carb", "Atkins", whatever you want to call's not easy! So let's get that out of the way right in the beginning. Going low carb is going to put your body into shock for the first couple of days if not longer. People tend to encounter symptoms related to a term called the Keto Flu. So, what do I recommend? Eat your way through it! That's right, just eat as much of the good stuff for the first few weeks to keep yourself on the low carb kick!

Here's what I tell anyone who asks me how to go "low carb." First off, get rid of all the bad food in your house. Easier said than done, i know, especially when re family is not playing the low carb game, but it will help to minimize your urge to cheat. Don't leave it there in the cubart to stare back at you while you're making the low carb transition. It's not a good idea to have a bag of potato chips in your kitchen cabinet when you're going through a keto flu! Secondly, stock your refrigerator with as much precooked meat, chicken, fish, salads, and low sugar deli meats and pre-cooked eggs that you can. Since low carbohydrate dieting mainly consists of having cooked food, you always want to have it on hand. I like to meal prep for the week. At any given time, I have cooked ground beef, beef organs, hard boiled eggs and chicken on hand if I feel the urge to snack. Again, when you begin a low carb diet, you won't necessarily feel satiated after eating a steak. You might be craving a potato or some sort of carbohydrate. Perhaps eating 2 hard boiled eggs along with the steak would do the trick!

In closing, it's very easy to say, "That's it, tomorrow, I'm going low carb!" In reality, it is much more difficult to get through the first 2, 3 or 4 weeks once you initiate this new diet. Gather yourself all the low carb foods you can and stock the fridge. If you eat a low carb meal and just don't feel satisfied, eat more low carb foods as necessary to kill your will to give up and eat just grab that bag of Doritos. Oh, wait, you don't have that bag of Doritos, because you didn't buy it in the first place. Feel free to email me if you have questions or your struggling! Good luck!