About me

My Accidental Weight Loss Success Story

At 48 years old, I remember sitting on my couch with my dog, watching TV. Without thinking of it, I rested the tv remote on my belly as I reached for a glass of wine. My 5' 10" frame was sporting a 230lbs and approaching the 40' waist line. I looked at the remote resting on my belly and then sipped my wine. I had given up. I guess I'm just getting older, I thought. My metabolism has just slowed down. Then, an accident happened. Not a debilitating accident that left me in the hospital for 6 months, but an accident of hope. My content isn't geared to athletic enthusiasts of body builders or even 20 year old's. They could benefit from what I offer, but my content is geared towards us middle-aged individuals who have given up on the idea that they can actually look good for their age. YOU CAN! This picture of me on the right was taken in a Ft Lauderdale Hotel gym in 2022. I'm 170lbs. Now...let me tell you about my accident....

CT Carnivore